b'MadagascarMadagascar: Culture & Wildlife OdysseyThe island of Madagascar remains one of the earths most authentic and exceptional places. The human population, an intriguing blend of Asian and African origins, encompasses eighteen different ethnic groups, each with its own language, beliefs and architecture, passed on intergenerationally through oral traditions. An expansive island forty-four percentlarger than California in size, Madagascar hosts a rich array of distinct ecosystems and climates, home to flora andfauna that is eighty percent endemic: lemurs, chameleons, the cat-like fossa and many birds. The island is adorned with a diverse array of euphorbias,orchids, baobab trees, and many other unique flora.Madagascar beckons the discerning and adventurous traveler - an exceptional example of sustainability, where every aspect of your journey supports wildlife conservation, local community and the lives of the warm and welcoming Malagasy people.ITINERARY13 nights| Antananarivo, 2 nights; drive to Andasibe, 3 nights; drive to Antananarivo, 1 night; drive to Antisrabe, 1 night; drive to Ranomafana,2 nights, drive to Isalo National Park, 2 nights; Ifaty, 2 nights; fly toAntananarivo, departuresHIGHLIGHTSDiscuss conservation science and projects that sustain local communityat the Centre ValBio Visit three national parks:Ranomafana, home of rare golden bamboolemur; National Park of Andasibe, home to Indri Indri, the largestMalagasy Lemur; and Isolo National Park, known for its reptiles andamphibians.Get up close to Ring Tail Lemurs at the Anj Community ReserveAt the Antsokay arboretum, learn about the medicinal properties ofendemic plants Engage in discussions with local communities Experience Malagasy food traditions and learn about new projects insustainable food production such as caviar and cocoa. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Royal hill of Ambohimanga thatillustrates significant periods of human history between the 16th and19th centuries in the islands of the Indian Ocean Prices Starting From:Upon RequestGroup Size: Maximum 12 travelers Season: July-NovemberAccommodations: Four-Star hotels and best available lodges History WildlifeCulture Natural History8 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.org'