b'IcelandA Riding Tour for the Curious EquestrianExperience the exhilaration of riding through the diverse Icelandic country-side on a surefooted Icelandic horse, traversing landscapes of moss-covered lava, cascading waterfalls or sandy beaches. Passing by glaciers or through stone-strewn valleys; crossing over rivers and mountains on horseback; the breathtaking beauty of Iceland surrounds you in harmony with the rhythmic gait of your horse.The Icelandic horse, a powerful and confident purebred, shares a thousand-yearhistory with Icelanders since the Viking Settlement, serving as their essential partner in transportation and everyday life; today, even in urban areas,stables and riding paths intermingle between houses and shopping centers.Trained to cover ground while navigating varied landscapes, the forward- going Icelandic horse boasts five gaits: walk, trot, canter, pace, and the renowned tlta smooth, fast, four-beat lateral gait, making it ideal for long-distance rides.Begin with an exclusive introduction in the capital city, Reykjavik, delving into Icelands history and culture, coupled with hands-on riding instruction the Icelandic way, before venturing into the countryside on a multi-dayIcelandic riding tour through spectacular scenery on the grandest scale.Note: This tour can be customized for a group of Novice riders OR forIntermediate to Advanced riders able to participate in full days of riding over multiple days. We suggest that everyone in your group be of a comparable levelITINERARY6-10 nights| Reykjavik, 3 nights; Riding Tour; 3-7 nights. Choose your Riding Tour: Novice Level, 3 Night/4 days; Intermediate/Advance Level, 6 Nights Through the Highlands OR 7 nights Beach and Mountains on Snfellsnes PeninsulaHIGHLIGHTSBegin with an introduction to Icelands history in ReykjavikIntroduction to Icelandic horse culture and vocabularyIntroduction to Icelandic horse riding and learn to tltPractice riding with a free-running herdCustom Multi-day Riding tourPrices Starting From:Upon RequestGroup Size: Maximum 12 travelers Season: June-SeptemberAccommodations: From Mountain Huts to 4-star hotels Equestrian NatureHistory Culture22 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.org'