b'APRILSpring Migration inAmericas Amazon:The Mobile-Tensaw Delta and Gulf Coast AlabamaExperience the Ultimate Birding Paradise Alabamas Gulf Coast and Mobile Baywhen hundreds of species pass along this flyway each spring heading north to disperse across North America. Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan, part of the archipelago of barrier islands, are the key Gulf Coast birding destinationsclassic migrant traps with awe-inspiring displays as birds literally fall from the sky.Five- or Six-Night Field Study Programs AvailableCivil Rights History Extensions Availablein Mobile and MontgomeryThe Center for Conservation and Community d/b/a Conservancy Travel is a not-for-profit organization that creates experiential journeys to explore the Earths greatest natural and cultural destinations on every continent. 334-770-1700conservancytravel.orgConservancy Travel3535 Grandview Parkway, Suite 310, Birmingham, AL 35243'