b'CubaBest of Cuba from Camaguy to HavanaEmbark on a transformational journey from Central to Western Cuba, to explore the vibrant cities and small towns that make this country so unique. Immerse yourself in colonial architecture, classic cars and lively music while experiencing first-hand how a country shaped by so many outside influences survives through personal initiative, entrepreneurial spirt and strong senseof community.Be immersed in authentic experiences, engaging with Cubans from allwalks of life who share their rich cultural heritage and daily lives, in each city and town. Experience the hospitality of warm-hearted locals, forging meaningfulconnections that reveal the true spirit of the country.Embrace the best of Cuba on a comprehensive journey through Cubaspast and present.ITINERARY10 nights| Camaguy, 2 nights; Trinidad, 2 nights;Remedios, 2 nights; Havana, 3 nights HIGHLIGHTSDiscover captivating Camagey, one of the seven original SpanishsettlementsExperience traditional Cuban rural life and learn how farmers andranchers use sustainable, organic practicesStroll the cobblestone streets while meeting artists and artisans inColonial Trinidad de CubaLearn the history and evolution of the sugar industry in the Valley of the Sugar MillsDrive through the Escambray Mountains and visit Santa ClaraLearn about the intangible UNESCO World Heritage tradition, theParrrandas of Remedios, Cubas oldest festival and experience authentic small-town life in colonial RemediosExplore Havanas rich history, its well-preserved colonial architecture in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Havana. Delight in Havanas cultural heritage - a captivating fusion of Afro-Cuban, Spanish and Caribbean influences - its vibrant music scene, traditional rhythms, and thriving art galleries.Prices Starting From$5,899 per personExperience enriching exchanges as you support individual Cubans who take pride in sharing their culture, traditions and stories with you as youGroup Size: Maximum 25 travelers immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms, colors and tastes of Havana andSeason: January-May; November, Decemberexperience all that Cubas largest city has to offer. Accommodations: Privately owned B&Bs or small hotels in Camaguey, Trinidad & Remedios; Four-star hotel in Havana History Culture Art MusicContact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org 9'