b'TurkeyThe Jewels of TurkeyVenture to a land where mountains meet the sea, whose people havepracticed the art of living for many millennia. Explore civilizations andempires of the past and connect with present-day life with in-depthdiscoveries and encounters with people from all walks of life. Explore the jewels of Turkey: natural and historic sites in cities, villagesand archeological sites country-wide and along the coast. Navigate the turquoise crystal-clear waters along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey aboard a privately-chartered gulet. Cruise and hike to explore historical sites inaccessible from land then rejuvenate with a swim in the calm coastal waters.Enjoy fresh regional cuisine, learn from experts and locals practicingtimeless crafts, then relax in a centuries-old hammam.ITINERARY14 nights| Ankara, 1 night; drive to Cappadocia, 3 nights; drive to Konya,1 night; drive to Antalya, 1 night; drive & board gulet for coastal cruise, 3 nights; disembark & drive to Ephesus, 2 nights; fly to Istanbul, 3 nights; departures.HIGHLIGHTSIn the capital city of Ankara, examine history in the Museum ofAnatolian Civilizations.Marvel at the strange rock formations in Cappadocia. Explore anunderground city created as a refuge from invaders and visit theGoreme Open Air Museum.Learn about the 13th century poet Rumi and converse with Sufis in Konya Prices Starting FromExplore Aspendos, the Antalya Museum and Perge $7,999 per personDiscover the ruins of Ephesus, the jewel of Greek-Roman cities and Group Size: Maximum 18 travelers capital of Asia Minor. Season: April-OctoberIn Istanbul, discover the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and UndergroundAccommodations: Four-star and boutique Cisterns; hunt for treasures in the Grand Bazaar; marvel at the exquisitehotels; comfortable guletRustem Pasha Mosque and stroll the colorful Spice Bazaar.HistoryArcheology Art & Artisans Culture Active TravelCruiseContact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org 7'