b'IndiaRajasthan: The Essence of IndiaStep into mesmerizing, colorful Rajasthan, a land steeped in history and vibrant, timeless cultures. Before Indias Republic era began in 1949, Rajasthan was a mosaic ofindependent states and tribes. Here, valiant warrior princes crafted majestic hilltop forts, traders in colorful turbans animated bustling markets and lightning-fast camels raced across arid plains. Though the princes yielded their kingdoms to modern India, their enduring legacy lives on. Delve deep into the essence of India on an exclusive journey throughRajasthan, to marvel at the legacy of royal heritage: the imperial forts, sumptuous palaces, captivating havelis, vibrant arts, mesmerizing dances, and a rich cuisine. Explore the desert in 4x4s, ascending the great Dera Sand Dune to behold the mesmerizing desert panorama and immerse yourself in the livingtraditions of the desert as you engage with locals from all walks of life.The captivating, timeless allure of Rajasthan beckons.ITINERARY12 nights| Delhi, 2 nights; drive to Agra, 2 nights; drive/train toRanthambore, 2 nights; drive to Jaipur, 2 nights; fly/drive to Jamba,2 nights; drive to Jodhpur, 1 night; drive to Udaipur, 2 nights; fly toMumbai 2 nights; departures.HIGHLIGHTSExplore the ancient and modern monuments and daily life in Delhi and MumbaiView Indias most famous monumentthe Taj Mahal - at dawn, when the air is still and the gleaming white marble of its dome and minarets reflect off the placid waters of the Yamuna River, and be welcomed into a family home for lunch.Sample Rajasthans nature and wildlife as you observe abundant birdlife in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and search for tigers in Ranthambore National Park, then watch the flocks of demoiselle cranes who winter on the salt pan of the Thar Desert.Explore historic forts and monuments, princely palaces, vibrant markets and ageless artisan crafts in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.Engage with locals who share their genuine hospitality and traditional life during home-hosted meals, village visits and joyous celebrations of musicPrices Starting Fromand dancing. $6,999 per personDiscover undiscovered Rajasthan from an exclusive resort on the top ofGroup Size: Maximum 24 travelers a sand dune overlooking the desert in Jamba. Season: January-April; October-DecemberMeet members of local tribes: conservationists who protect the trees andAccommodations: Four-Star Hotels, Lodges & animals with religious fervor; and other tribes who make their living asPalaces; Five-Star Upgrade Availablepotters or camel herders.History Geography WildlifeCulture SustainabilityArt Community Contact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org 13'