b'KoreaAncient and Modern in the Land of the Morning CalmEmbark on an immersive sojourn through the heart of the Land of the Morning Calm, where timeless villages and ultra-modern cities co-exist. Gain an insightful glimpse into South Koreas intricate history and dynamic political landscape, casting a spotlight on the essence of Korean cultureand daily life today. Examine the opulent legacy of the Joseon Dynasty at its resplendentroyal palace and the enigmatic Secret Garden. Wander through traditional alleyways and quaint streets, a stark contrast to towering glass skyscrapers and shimmering cityscape. Delve into the treasures housed within theNational Museum and trace Koreas development at the Museum ofContemporary History. Peer across the divide into North Korea from the iconic Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).Discover the grandeur of the Silla Dynasty in Gyeongju. Engage with the warm-hearted locals in traditional villages and contemplate in the mountain monasteries. Fly to UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Natural Heritage Site,volcanic Jeju Island, that boasts a year-round temperate climate with over 2,000 types of sub-tropical, temperate and polar vegetation. Enjoy cherry blossoms in Spring, or vibrant Autumn foliage on an immersion into the essence of South Korea, where tradition and modernity harmonize.ITINERARY11 nights| Seoul, 3 nights; Gyeongju, 2 nights; Busan 2 nights;Jeju Island, 3 nights; Seoul, 1 night; departures HIGHLIGHTSGain in-depth learning on Korean history, culture and Korean Buddhism through lectures by local academicxVisit the Demilitarized Zone to learn about the relationship between North and South Korea.Learn the history behind Changdeokgung Palaces secret garden andlandscaped grounds, with 56,000 types of trees and plants.Delve into a hands-on cooking class to learn about the ingredients and process of creating a typical Korean meal.Enjoy tea with locals in villages, tea in a monastery with a monk, and lunch in a private, traditional home. Prices Starting FromA variety of dining experiences explore Korean cuisine from street$6,899 per personmarkets, family traditions, regional specialties, Royal cuisine and modern takes of fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. Group Size: Maximum 20 travelers Explore Jeju Islands unique geographical features that include natural volcanicSeason: October, November; March-Maylava sculptural formations, columnar basalt, waterfalls and parasitic cones.Accommodations: Four-Star HotelsWander through rural villages and meet the amazing Haenyeowomen History Cuisine Nature free-divers. Culture Art GeographyEnjoy Jejus famous bountiful seafood and locally sourced meats and seasonal dishes.Contact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org 15'