b'Cuba Focus JourneysTake a deep dive into the real Cuba, beyond the old cars, mojitos and tourist hype, to deeply connect with and gain an in-depth understanding of daily life for individual Cuban people. African Diaspora5 nights|HavanaWednesday - Sunday Broaden your understanding of the extensive influence of the African diaspora on Cuban culture and traditions found in music and traditional rhythms, cuisine and spiritual traditions.Experience enriching exchanges as you support individualCubans who take pride in sharing their culture, traditions andstories with you as you immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms, colors and tastes of Havana, Guanabacoa and Matanzas.Well meet private business owners in the Afro-Cubancommunity and learn how entrepreneurs have created businesses serving the local community that enhances Afro aesthetics and identity.In Guanabacoa, well look at the neighborhoods deep cultural roots and the connection to African ancestry through spiritual practice, music, food and art.A full day tour to Matanzas examines Cubas long period of slavery from 1511 until 1886. Visit the Museum of the Slave Route at San Severino Castle, built by slave labor to protect the city against attacks. Visit the museum and monument commemorating the 1843 Rebellion of theTriunvirato sugar mill, and meet dancers from an Afro- Cuban dance company. Real Cuba: City & TownContrast life in a small town versus life for Cubans whocelebration takes place over only a few days around Christmas, live in the capital city of Havana, with a deep dive intopreparations occupy the two rival neighborhoods all year, for daily life, history and traditions that form the backbonethe best costumes, ornate lighted displays and floats, and of their experiences and sense of place. Engage with, andexuberant fireworks, music and parades. support locals in an impactful, sustainable journey into theWell examine the history of Remedios and its festivalthe real Cuba. largest Parrandas in Cuba, and meet the individuals who 5 nights|Remedios, 2 Nights; drive to Havana, 3 Nights design and construct the myriad parts that make up this unique street festival, while we connect with the daily lives of Cubans in a small town.Wednesday - ThursdayREMEDIOS Flight arrivals in Abel Santamara Cuadrado InternationalFriday - SundayHAVANA Airport, Santa Clara, Cuba, where we begin with a shortExplore Havanas rich history and cultural heritage - a visit and lunch, then continue to Remedios for two nightscaptivating fusion of Afro-Cuban, Spanish and Caribbean in privately owned B&B accommodations. influences. Be transformed by enriching exchanges as you The small colonial town of Remedios is home to an intangiblesupport individual Cubans who take pride in sharing their UNESCO World Heritage tradition, the Parrrandas of culture, traditions and stories with you. Experience the Remedios, Cubas oldest festival. Although the colorfulvibrant tapestry of the capital city, Havana.10 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.orgFor detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cuba'