b'Cuba HighlightsHavana, Trinidad, CienfuegosImmerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Cubas cultural heritage on a journey through the enchanting cities of Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad. Throughout your journey, youll be immersed in Cubas captivating past, while engaging conversations and inter-actions with Cubans from all walks of life connect you to the Cuba of today.6 nights|Arrivals in Santa Clara, drive to Trinidad, 2 Nights; drive to Havana, 4 Nights; departures Saturday - SundayTRINIDAD Arrive in Santa Clara, Cuba at Abel Santamara Cuadrado International Airport and after a short visit with lunch in Santa Clara, continue to Trinidad for two nights. Discover Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site frozen in time. Spend a morning strolling the labyrinthine streets, adorned with pastel-colored houses and cobblestone squares, stopping to visit private art galleries, a community project that supports women, and meet with artisans who craft uniquely Cuban art. At the San Isidro de los Destiladeros archaeological site, learn about the sugar extraction process and the lives of the slaves who operated the machinery and lived on the site. OPTIONAL: Add one more night in Trinidad, to spend a day hiking El Nacho Park and exploring the coffee-growing region of Topes de Collantes in the Escambray Mountains Monday - ThursdayCIENFUEGOS & HAVANA Stop in Cienfuegos, known as the Pearl of the South, where the French influence blends harmoniously with Cuban flair, to walk through the neoclassical buildings that line the main square and meet independent artists.Drive via the Bay of Pigs and on to Havana, for four nights.Explore Havanas rich history, its well-preserved colonial architecture in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Havana. Delight in the citys cultural heritage - a captivating fusion of Afro-Cuban, Spanish and Caribbean influences - its vibrant music scene, traditional rhythms, and thriving art galleries. Enjoy modern and traditional Cuban cuisine prepared from fresh, seasonal produce. Experience enriching exchanges as you support individual Cubans who take pride in sharing their culture, traditions and stories with you as you immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms, colors and tastes of Havana and experience all that Cubas largest city has to offer. For detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cubaContact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org7'