b'Private Small-Group Travel to CubaConservancy Travel provides you with unique access to people and places the average tourist rarely sees. Well take you beyond the colorful building facades, salsa and cigars into the heart of what makes Cuba so fascinatingthe Cuban people. With more than two decades of experience in Cuba, our unparalleled network of Cuban experts provides the culturally curious traveler with one-of-a-kind experiences and exclusive access.Carefully crafted journeys explore the vibrant cities and small towns that make this country so unique. Immerse yourself in colonial architecture, classic cars and lively music while experiencing first-hand how a country shaped by so many outside influences sur-vives through personal initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and strong sense of community. Working directly with Cubans and operating exclusively in partnership with The Antonio Nez Jimnez Foundation for Nature and Humanity (FANJ), a Cuban cultural andTable of Contentsscientific non-governmental institution, our network of self-employed experts, artists and artisans; musicians, independent dance companies and inspiring community projects2 Weekend in Havana provide you with not only a legal way to visit Cuba, but a transformational way of travelingWeekend in Camaguey by engaging with and directly supporting Cubans. 3 Cigars & Rum Americans may travel legally to Cuba under the US Governments OFAC regulations,Women in Havana which classify travel into twelve authorized categories.With Conservancy Travel, youll travel under OFAC general license travel category CFR 515.574, Support for the4 Cuba Discovery Cuban People. As per OFAC requirements, Conservancy Travel Cuba tours include a6 Havana & Viales full schedule of activities that engage directly with and financially support individual7 Cuba Highlights self-employed Cubans, privately owned businesses and non-government organizations9 Best of Cuba and result in meaningful interactions between Americans and the Cuban people.Conservancy Travel journeys are comprehensive, OFAC-compliant tours that include10 Cuba Focus: African Diaspora transportation, expert English-Speaking guides, interactions and experiences with Real Cuba: City & Town Cubans from all walks of life, accommodations, daily breakfast and specified meals in11Birding in Cuba privately owned restaurants. 12Practical Information Not only will you explore a country with a powerful history and colorful culture, youll13Terms & Conditionsreturn home with real insight into this incredible country and the knowledge that your vacation provides sustainable, truly meaningful support for individuals that you now know by name and call friend.For detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cubaContact Us|journeys@conservancytravel.org1'