b'Practical InformationCuba is unlike any other country in The Americas. TheOutside of Havana, there are limited or no hotels available to Cuban people have learned how to exist in their ownAmericans. Where possible, we provide a choice of accom-micro-universe for more than sixty years. The islandsmodations in B&Bs or boutique inns.economy is impacted by both local conditions, and theCasa Particulares are privately-owned Bed & Breakfast ac-US embargo which has been in place since 1960. Travelerscommodations. A casa particular can be in the home of the to Cuba should bear this in mind and adjust expectationsowner, an addition built onto their home, an empty house accordingly. Variety and ability to meet special dietaryused only for guests, or a small hotel style establishment. It requirements are generally limited. Delays and/oris not a homestay. B&B owners are operating a business, changes in the itinerary will happen. However, the Cubanso are not interacting with you as a houseguest or member people will share the best they have with every guest toof their family, but as a paying customer. All rooms have their country, and your expert Cuban guide is amazinglyair-conditioning, private bathroom with a toilet, sink and adept at managing whatever conditions might impact theshower. Bed linens, a bath towel, toilet paper and soap are scheduled itinerary. The experience will be very rewarding,provided. Mattresses in Cuba are handmade and are less and possibly even life-changing. plush than in the US.All B&Bs we use are inspected by Conservancy Travel. All B&Bs are non-smoking inside the guest rooms. B&Bs are generally cleaner than hotels. Rooms Accommodations in Cuba usually have a safe and always a key to lock your door as well The accommodations that Americans may use in Cuba areas to enter the front door and possibly also a front gate. limited by OFAC sanctions. Americans may legally stay inB&Bs rarely have more than 6 or 7 rooms, so it may be nec-any privately-owned B&B or boutique hotel, as well as aessary to have multiple B&Bs for larger Conservancy Travel limited selection of hotels. groups. Some B&Bs have WiFi, but it may not work consis-In Havana, choose from a limited selection of B&Bs, thetently nor be very fast. Typically it needs to be manually Grand Aston Hotel, MGM Gran Muthu Habana, and theturned on by the owner so availability is limited. Also, some InnSide by Melia Habana Catedral Hotel. Confirmation ofUS based websites are inaccessible from Cuba.Daily break-a specific hotel request is based on availability at the timefast is included in our B&B stays. Some B&Bs may also serve of registration.dinner, with a set or pre-ordered menu. Optional beverages will be available for cash (USD) purchase, and it is customary to tip for housekeeping, luggage assistance and meal servers. 12 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.orgFor detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cuba'