b'Havana & VialesExplore the treasures of Viales and Havana, immersing yourself in an extraordinary tapestry of culture, history and connections with local Cubans in the heart of Pinar del Rio, home of Cubas legendary tobacco. Delve into the vibrant tapestry of Havana, where the rhythms, colors, and flavors come alive through meaningful encounters and genuine connections with warm-hearted locals.7 nights|Arrivals in Havana, drive to Viales, 2 Nights;Thursday - SundayHAVANA drive to Havana, 4 Nights; departures During four days in Havana, well explore the arts, the history and the daily lives of Habanerosthe people of Havana. Walking through the winding streets of Old Havana, well learn the history Tuesday - WednesdayVIALESof the citys founding and visit farmers markets, privately owned Depart Havana airport to begin our captivating journey intoshops and businesses; then savor modern takes on Cuban cuisine the heart of Western Cuba, in Pinar del Ro, the renownedin paladaresindependent restaurants. tobacco-growing province. Well spend two nights in theWell explore Jose Fusters Fusterlandia, an entire neighborhood fertile and picturesque Viales Valley, studded with dramat- of ornately decorated homes and meet an art historian at the ic limestone hills that stand guard over its natural treasures. Museum of Fine Arts, for a discussion on Cuban art. Well visit Delve into the seasonal cycle of tobacco cultivation as athe private galleries of artists to learn what inspires them.knowledgeable farmer expertly guides us through everyVenture to Cojimar and Finca Vigia, in the footsteps of Heming-step of the process. From the tender care given to tobaccoway and retrace Havanas early twentieth century history.plants to the meticulous craftsmanship that transforms them into Cubas renowned cigars, witness firsthand theEmbark on a captivating journey to Guanabacoa, where deep expertise and unwavering dedication required to deliver acultural roots and African heritage come alive through spiritual single fine Habano. Well learn the rich stories of a familypractices, music, food, and art. We learn about Santeria and whose profound connection to the land stretches acrossenjoy a delightful vegetarian lunch, accompanied by exhilarating generations as we taste the fruits and vegetables that aremusic and the traditional canchanchara cocktail, crafted from cultivated alongside the tobacco, and savor a delectablehoney, lime juice and aguardiente.lunch crafted from the farms own organic produceanTake advantage of Saturday night in Havana to enjoy the many authentic farm-to-table experience. Meet the skilled indi- opportunities for live music from Cuban Jazz to modern ballads. viduals who painstakingly roll the varied layers of tobacco into the famed cigars, gaining a firsthand glimpse into their remarkable craftsmanship. Well embrace the spirit of Cuba with a tantalizing rum and cigar pairing, an authentic expe-rience that highlights all weve experienced of the Viales Valleys culture and its remarkable tobacco heritage. 6 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.orgFor detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cuba'