b'Weekend in HavanaHavana, 4 NightsExplore Havanas rich history, its well-preserved colonial architecture in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed OldHavana. Delight in the citys cultural heritage - a captivating fusion of Afro-Cuban, Spanish and Caribbean influences - its vibrant music scene, traditional rhythms, and thriving art galleries. Experience enriching exchanges as you support individual Cubans who take pride in sharing their culture, traditions and stories with you as you immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms, colors and tastes of Havana and experience all that Cubas largest city has to offer. Discover the best of Havana while meeting and supporting HabanerosCuban people from all walks of life: musicians, artists, entrepreneurs as you stroll Old Havanas winding streets and plazas.Visit an organic farm then roll up your sleeves for a hands-on cooking lesson at a privately owned restaurant, and learn to make the perfect mojito. Enjoy traditional and innovative Cuban cuisine at privately owned restaurants.Delve into Cuban art as you meet artists, artisans and visit privately owned galleries. At the Museum of Fine Arts, an expert shows how art interprets Cuban history, culture and society.Weekend in CamageyCamagey, 3 NightsDiscover Camagey, one of Cubas most captivating gems. As one of the seven original Spanish settlements, Camagey holds a significant place in Cuban history.Renowned as the hub of a region devoted to cattle breeding and the sugar industry from the 18th to 20th centuries, Camageys heritage is as diverse as it is fascinating. Wander through the UNESCO World Heritage SiteCamageys winding colonial streets. Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts community that thrives within this cultural haven. Youll be enchanted by the captivating fusion of history, tradition and artistic expression as you delight in authentic Cuban experiences.Explore the main squares and winding streets by pedicab, an intimate introduction to the pulse of the citys streets and residents. Stroll the historic streets, stopping in atgalleries to meet artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.On the outskirts of the city, the busy streets give way to fields and farms. Mainly agricultural, the Camaguey region produces most of the Cubas beef and dairy products.Experience traditional Cuban rural life and learn how farmers and ranchers use sustainable, organic practices to grow an array of produce, raise cattle, sheep and horses. Enjoy farm to table dining on fresh, seasonal produce.2 Conservancy Travel|conservancytravel.orgFor detailed day-by-day itineraries, please visit www.conservancytravel.org/cuba'